The retreat conducted during the last weekend in October attracted 20 participants. It was attended by members and Friends of Montfort. Six members from the Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate Conception including a nun and 5 novices also attended the retreat. Bro. Thomas Paul sg was the animator and conducted the retreat in dual languages namely, English and Bahasa Malaysia.


It is through Mary that Jesus came into the world and it is also by her, that Jesus reigns in the world. Centered around this theme, the various sessions provided input on ‘Necessity of true devotion to Mary, Trinity and Mary, Principles and Effects of true devotion as well as practices of true devotion to Mary. Personal reflection and group sharing were also conducted after each sessions.


A total of 55 MYTC staff attended a 2-day / 1 night stay workshop on 7 & 8 September 2019 at The Palace Hotel Kota Kinabalu. This workshop was part of the teambuilding event target to increase trust, improve communication, increase collaboration and maintain motivation of staff.


The workshop was tailor-made and facilitated by Ms. Shella Bathumalai of VS Trg & Consultancy. The focus of the workshop was on building effective relationship and connections with the theme ‘Attitude is everything: Leadership in Workplace’.


Throughout the 2-days session, participants were required to impart relevant knowledge and skills through various activities and role plays in order to resolve challenges with the right mindset.


There were a total of ten (10) topics covered and some of the highlighted discussions were

(i) Having the right attitude

(ii) Leadership

(iii) Communication skill and exchanging information skill

(iv) Practising the right culture

(v) Team engagement and connection.


On 27-28 October 2019, 25 prefects attended the 2 – days Prefect follow-up Program, and it was held in Hutan Lipur Kawang. The program was conducted by Mr. Johnny Suti and Mr. Jeremia Munggin.  A lot of activities were carried out such as teambuilding, jungle trekking and group discussions.


This program serves to strengthen team spirit among the prefects, motivate them to take on responsibilities and enhancing their leadership skills. All prefects gave their full cooperation and their best to fulfill the program objectives.


Montfort Trainees and staff celebrated our Chairman, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok’s 70th birthday on 7 October 2019 with a special dedicated Mass. On 12 October 2019 his spouse, Puan Sri Diana and family members threw a grand birthday dinner for him at the MYTC Residential Campus Open Hall. The hall was turned into a grand and dazzling place. A large backdrop of Tan Sri was placed on stage which carried a meaningful message - ‘Life should be measured not by the number of years, but rather the love shared, the memories made, the joy given, the blessings received’.


Tan Sri’s eldest son, Carl, gave the welcoming address. It was an extravagant evening filled with sweet memories of lively performances from his children and also his grandchildren.


The event ended with a finale song ‘If we hold on together’ which was sung by his family members together with the Trainees as a surprise song for Tan Sri.


Indeed it was a special celebration especially for the staff and Trainees to be able to celebrate the 70th Birthday of Tan Sri Bernard.



The MYTC Carolers started spreading the joy of Christmas at the start of the Advent Season on 2 December 2019. Mdm Fanny Kinajil, Coordinator for General Studies of MYTC and a three-member team were the choir mistresses for this year. A total of 63 junior and senior trainees went through vigorous practice sessions which started in the month of September 2019.


The carolers were split into two groups, one for the Penampang community, a suburban town and the other for the KK community, in the city centre. They visited more than 40 houses comprising of Board of Governors, regular donors, supporters and friends of Montfort. They also had choir performances in Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort and Artisan Market. On the fifth night, two groups were combined together at the residence of Datuk Seri Panglima Victor Paul.


MYTC is very grateful to all those who have prepared Christmas meals and goodies for the visiting carolers.


30 Students and 3 Teachers from St Gabriel Secondary School, Singapore (SGSS) touched down at KKIA at 10.55 am and were greeted upon arrival by 3 staff from MYTC. Thereafter we proceeded to have lunch with our visitors at the Delicious Curry House at Market 88. Joining for lunch were Brother Gasper and Mr. Frederick Mah.


After lunch, the SGSS group went to San Damiano Boys Hostel, Kiulu for some friendly games with the boarders. Various local games such as ‘Rampanau’ (walking on bamboo sticks), ‘Tagu’ (hauling a person using coconut leaves) and ‘Melastik’ (sling shot).


Day 2 programme involved visiting Jon Grape Vine & Fig Garden followed by a visit to Mari Mari Cultural Village before checking into MYTC.


The next day (Day 3), the SGSS group had the experience of preparing meals during an outdoor cooking session. The following day (Day 4) was full of fun and excitement, where the SGSS group and MYTC Trainees were broken into 7 groups to compete in various obstacle races. After a whole day of physical activities, everyone enjoyed a good dinner with many cultural performances being showcased by MYTC Trainees.


MYTC annual camping & merdeka programme was held on 29 – 31 August 2019. Kuala Penyu has always been MYTC‘s favourite  venue. Therefore, MYTC has identified ‘Maju Kuala Penyu Farmstay’ as this year’s camping ground.


All events went smoothly with good weather. There were activities and competitions prepared such as team building, cooking competition, best pitched tent and choir competition. The overall winner for this year went to Oil Palm Plantation (OPP) department, second place shared between RAMD and Automotive department, fourth place was Welding department followed by Carpentry department.


Merdeka Marathon was held on the second day of the camping programme. The marathon distance was a total of 8KM from the camping site to Sawangan Beach and return. For Trainee’s category, Davley Peady was the winner with 42.09 minutes, followed by Shafik Redy in second place and Daniel Leonardus in third place. For male staff category, Julianus Goluis was the winner with 52.39 minutes,followed by Masslon Ripin in second place and Andy Pius in third place. Female staff category, first place went to Clare Sibungkil with 1 hour and 37 minutes, followed by Beverley Jominit in second place, and Fanny Kinajil in third place.


This programme was a stepping stone to cultivate positive values such as bonding between trainees and staff, teamwork and also promoting Trainees’ potential in their physical abilities and leadership qualities.


An overnight trip to Rundum Highlands, Kemabong in the Tenom district was organised on Saturday, 28 September and the purpose of the visit was to promote MYTC’s programme to the villagers of Kg. Rundum as well as Kg Kapulu. The overall journey took approximately 4 hours from Kinarut and the actual off-road journey started from Kemabong to Kg. Rundum, which is a small hamlet at the plateau of the Crocker range. Although the distance from Kemabong to Kg Rundum was only 30km, it took nearly an hour to reach there as the rough and hilly terrain made it impossible to travel fast even with a 4WD vehicle. These two villages are predominantly Murut, an ethnic group that resides mainly in the Tenom, Pensiangan and Nabawan areas.


MYTC celebrated its 20th Anniversary Charity Dinner on 29 June 2019 at the Magellan Sutera Resort Ballroom in Kota Kinabalu. The Guest of Honour for the grand evening was graced by YB Datuk Ewon Benedick, Minister of Rural Development representing the Chief Minister of Sabah.


YB Datuk Ewon Benedick’s arrival was welcomed by our awesome MYTC Warrior dancers choreographed by an ex-staff of Montfort, Mr. Marcellinus Lasius. Among other dignitaries who attended the dinner were Y.A.A Datuk Seri Panglima David Wong, Chief Judge of the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak, and Archbishop John Wong.


The evening was serenaded by the beautiful Angelyca Laura Lee on acoustic guitar, kids ballroom dancing performance by Nabalu Dancesport Circle and Joe Balanjiu on modern jazz. Our Montfort Trainees performed a dance drama on ‘Life at Montfort’ choreographed by Mr. Zeveon Steven of St. Augustine church Youth Ministry.


The highlight of the evening was the witnessing on the presentations of mock cheques. RM200,000 presented by YB Ewon Bendedick on behalf of the state Goverment, YB Datuk Frankie Poon of RM20,000 followed by RM10,000 by YB Phoong Jin Zhe and RM5000 from Sabah Federal Government Administration (PPNS) by YB Datuk Darell Leiking presented by Mr. Michael Buji.


A video showcased on the development of MYTC and its mission and a souvenir book featuring the history and the growth of MYTC were also included in the programme.


Under the Chairmanship of Datuk Willie Wong and Datuk Johnny Wong, the team managed to raise RM1.0 million from the sales of 96 charity tables.


Outreach Community Work is one of the most anticipated activities by the Trainees. In the past, this programme used to be a 3 days and 2 nights stay to coincide with Annual Camping. For this year, this activity has changed into a day trip programme where the four workshops will take turn to go out on weekend to do community work in selected places with priority given to the Welfare Home/Centre, NGOs and Worship places.


On 20 July 2019, the Senior Automotive Trainees started the Outreach Community Work in Tambunan, helping the GSS (Good Shepherd Services – Under the Rural Development Programme for Women) to build a sun shade, clearing the farm and cutting bamboo.


Whereas 27 July 2019, the Senior Carpentry Trainees headed to Bukit Harapan in Tuaran to help clean up the compound area and repaired some furnitures in the centre.


Welding Senior Trainees went to Asrama Desa Pukak on 10 August 2019. For this outreach, the Trainees contribution was to clear the hostel compound, repaired faulty doors, tables, fences and also helping them in the paddy field.


The Outreach Community Work project ended on 24 August 2019, with a visit to Holy Family Residence Purak, Papar by RAMD Senior Trainees to help clear the fish pond, build bamboo raft and to tidy up the store.


A total of 39 Trainees of the Automotive Department accompanied by their Coordinator Mr. Jonathan Juis, Training Instructors Mr. Thomas Junior and Mr. Mike Fernando visited Kolej Teknikal Yayasan Sabah (KTYS) on 20 September 2019.

They had the opportunity to witness KTYS Automotive students conducting practical training at the workshop such as handling engine diagnosis, braking system, suspension system, immobilizer system, steering system, automatic transmission system and managing their training equipment and tools.

The half a day visit was indeed interesting and gave ideas to our Trainees in pursuing their studies at a higher level. Mr. Fredoline Kutai, the Head of Automotive Department invited MYTC Trainees to continue their Automotive course SKM Level 3 at KTYS once they graduated from MYTC in the near future.


As the calendar flipped to November, the anxiety and excitement level of our Trainees ratcheted up a notch. MYTC In-House Semester Examination was successfully held from 12-15 November 2019. An exercise to assess their theory and practical understanding after undergoing training for the past six months.


A total of 152 Trainees from various departments namely, Automotive, Welding, Carpentry, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning and Oil Palm Plantation sat the four days examination this semester.


Montfort Youth Training Centre Parents Teachers Day is a great opportunity to share with the family the Trainees progress and growth in terms of Technical Skills Training, General Studies, and Character Formation Development. This year it was held on 8 June 2019 at the Residential Campus Open Hall with the involvement of SDC Coordinators, Instructors, Teachers, Student Affairs and Pastoral Officers in-conjunction with the Trainees return from their mid-year semester break.


Through this session, parents and guardians would know what’s going on with their child in MYTC. Indeed some of them were astounded with the Trainees accomplishments and some had encountered new challenges. At the end of the day, this session is targeted to help both teachers and parents find a more effective way to help our Trainees to achieve their full potential.


On 2 November 2019, five Trainees accompanied by Mr. Rolland John and Mr. Andy Pius attended the Voice Out 9 event which was held at Dewan Masyarakat Ranau, organised by Youth-PREP Centre of Good Shepherd. Montfort Youth Training Centre was given a booth to promote the Institution.

‘Simban noh Komulakan’, which means ‘Youth Transform’ was the theme for this year’s Voice Out and the event was officiated by the District Officer of Ranau. There were several performances such as choir, contemporary musical dance, drum circle, drama and mini-workshops conducted by their guest speakers. This program aims to give awareness about ending the violence against women and children.


Thanksgiving and appreciation dinner is one of the annual events that is not to be missed in the MYTC calendar.  This year dinner was more meaningful, as we jointly celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Bro. Francis Xavier Gasper and 20th Anniversary of Bro. Thomas Paul religious profession at The Pacific Sutera Hotel on 15th December 2019.


MYTC BOGs, was represented by Mdm Julia Willie Jock who also presented a wonderful speech. In her speech, she praised the Brothers for their dedication and perseverance in achieving the many years of milestone as Brothers of St. Gabriel.


Seven staff received their long service award with Mr Adrian Lee having served for 20 years, Mdm Cornelia Clement having served for 15 years, Mdm Jovinia Pualin having served 10 years and Mdm Mary Jublik, Mr Fredolin Edmund, Mr Shun Kok Win and Mr Frydolisen Masmin having served for 5 years.


The highlight of the night was the cake cutting ceremony by Bro. Francis Xavier Gasper and Bro. Thomas Paul, witnessed by 128 attendees.


MYTC Family Day was held in Kondis Point, Kiulu beside the river, on 11 August 2019.


Staff enjoyed the fellowship and had a barbecue together with their family members. The children bathed in the river while some staff went for the white water rafting activity.

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