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With effect from 1 July 2013, Bro. Francis Chua has taken up the new responsibility as Provincial Superior of the Montfort Institutions in Malaysia and Singapore. On the same day, Bro. Thomas Paul took over as the Director of Montfort Youth Training Centre.

Open House Bazaar & Carnival

We wish to inform the public that the 7th Open House Bazaar and Carnival is now rescheduled to
27 October 2013. The venue remains the same at Kinarut Campus. Come and join in the festivity of fun activities as we prepared various stall of games to test your skills. Come and sample home-cooked delicious dishes, pastries and delicacies prepared by volunteers and Friends of Montfort.


At the invitation from the Bishop of Sandakan Diocese, a team led by Bro Francis Chua met up with the Management Committee of St. Mary’s Hostel to explore the possibility of assistance and collaboration in the establishment and implementation of similar residential care programme for St. Mary’s Hostel. The collaboration will commence effective 1 July 2013 for the period of 1 year.

The SDC embarked on the long-term safety enhancement programme this year at Welding Department with the installation of fume extraction system and implementation of trainees’ safety measures under the guidance of Mr. Arnold Arnot, a volunteer from Ireland. The system and the measures will ensure the health and safety concerns of the Trainees.


On 1 September 2012, MYTC received four youths from United Kingdom to serve one year as volunteers at the Campus. Two of them were assigned to San Damiano Boys Hostel in Kiulu while another two were based at Kinarut. The youths came under a non-government organisation based in Scotland, United Kingdom to provide a volunteerism exposure to youths who are in their gap year before resuming their tertiary education. Below are the excerpts from their sharing –

“I was absolutely stunned by what I saw before me; a beautiful array of colours and well-kept buildings that make MYTC look like paradise. Looking back now, I realised that all of this is a product of the hard work and dedication put in by every Montfort Trainee...... In my time here, I feel I have become part of the family of Montfort which fills me with a great sense of return I have gained the most incredible life experience and forged the strongest of friendships which will stay in my heart forever.” Jason Lattimer, Kinarut

“I was greeted very warmly by all of the Staff and Trainees making me feel comfortable straightaway and within week, I was talking to my friends and family, referring to Montfort as ‘home’....I have been teaching conversational English to a number of classes. Some of the progress that I have seen is outstanding for the last 8 months.....This type of progress makes me feel Montfort is doing well and the work I am doing is worthwhile.” Barney Necus, Kinarut

“My first few months here passed at an alarming rate, as I settled in with my new surroundings and way of life. As I am from London, Kiulu is a far cry from the lifestyle I was used to.....There is a notable difference in the boys’ English from the time we first arrived. Evidence of this improvement was displayed during the Mount Kinabalu climb when the students approached climbers from other countries and tried to engage in the conversation....we have had many incredible challenges along the way but I know that the hardest things I will have to do now is to leave Montfort.” John Haswell, Kiulu

“Initially the boys were very quiet and nervous around us but they began to become more confident as time progressed and the boys I teach now are completely different from the withdrawn and quite boys I first met in September 2012.....It is such rewarding feeling when I overheard one of the boys chatting away to another in English without any promoting – something unheard of at the Hostel a year ago...U gave been so lucky to have had this opportunity to come here and share this beautiful location with a group of truly inspirational Staff and students.” Hugo Drummond, Kiulu

7th Montfort Charity Golf Tournament – 15th June 2013

The charity event was held at Sabah Golf and Country Club under the leadership of Mr. Willie Wong, a member of MYTC Board of Governors. A total of 128 golfers participating in this annual event which was also graced by Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, Chairman of MYTC Board of Governors together with other local dignitaries and leading businessmen from Sabah, Labuan and Peninsula Malaysia. The State Minister of Youth and Sports of Sabah, YB Datuk Taufiq Datuk Seri Panglima Datuk Seri Panglima Hj. Abu Bakar Titangan, graced the prize presentation luncheon and presented a cash donation of RM5,000 from the Sabah State Government.

The 2013 Champion for the 7th Montfort Charity Golf Tournament is Mr. Arius Jipiu.

The charity event was a huge success and the fund raised from it goes into the upkeep and sustenance of Trainees’ training with Montfort.

Admission Day 2013 – 15 June 2013

A total of 80 new Trainees were admitted into Montfort for their 2-year training programme. The total population of Trainees in Kinarut now stands at 150 Traniees. After one week of orientation to introduce the Montfort lifestyle, the new Trainees settled down to begin their training in the Skill Development Campus.

Batch 13 Graduation – 18 May 2013

A total of fifty three trainees graduated with Montfort Certificate and Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 1 and 2 Certificates on 18 May 2013 in either of the four trade skills, namely Motor Mechanics, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanics (Domestic) and Senior Furniture Maker.

The auspicious function was officiated by YBhg Datuk Margaret Fung, a member of Board of Governors of MYTC and joyously witnessed by parents and family members. Two Graduates spoke of their journey with Montfort and expressed gratitude for the opportunity given to them for better future.

Testimonials of Graduates


I come from Sandakan. I am 20 years old, and I studied in SMK St. Michael in Sandakan. My parents are fishmongers and I am the youngest of five in the family. All my brothers and sisters are married and working. They are good to me and are very concerned because I smoked, drank alcohol and came back late at night. My parents always scolded me, but I continued to go out with my friends because I felt lonely and bored at home. My school results were very poor, and this made my parents worried and sad.

I stopped schooling in the first term when I was in Form 5 because I wanted to enrol myself in MYTC. MYTC was introduced to me by my father’s friend. My parents thought it was a good idea and they helped me to apply for admission. When I first came to Montfort, I felt nervous because I was not used to the environment. I joined as Batch 13 Trainee taking the course in Motor Mechanic. After 2 weeks, my parents came to visit me. I had wanted to go home with them, but my mother convinced me to stay on, because it is good for my future. She said that if I do not continue, I will waste my time and achieve nothing. So I took my mother’s advice and was determined to complete the 2-year training programme in Montfort.
The hardest part of the programme was to get up in the morning. We have to rise as early as 5:30am to do morning exercise. Another challenge I faced was to learn how to understand and speak English. Before I came to Montfort, I could not speak English at all, not even simple words. But as you can all see, I am now able to stand in front of all of you and give my testimony in English to you. I have learnt many good things in Montfort. I improved in my discipline, self-confidence and felt better about myself like a new person. It feels good to be accepted by people around me. I learnt how to value time because Bro. Francis always reminds us that time management is important. I also learnt how to respect others especially those who are older than me. Lastly, I learnt how to do gardening, housekeeping and cooking.
It was tough for me to adapt, because I was lazy, overweight and was not used to hard work. I did not expect Montfort to be so strict and always getting the trainees to do activities. I was tired and could not concentrate in class. But our motto “through work achieve success” made me strive to do better. It was very, very hard but I succeeded.

Faith formation is one part of our training programme which is very special to me. We learnt how to pray, to be kind, generous, and humble, and to have self-control. Even though I am a Buddhist but I believe in God. As I mentioned before, I was overweight before I entered Montfort – I was 105 kilogram – I looked like a baby elephant. Here is the photo of myself – before and now. Now I am down to 82 kilogram. I managed to lose 23 kilogram because of jogging and jungle trekking we have to do. I feel good about myself now. Bro. Francis always reminds us the importance of the values of 5Rs, which is, be Responsible, be Reliable, be Respectable, to Respond to any situation and to build good Relationship with others. I am very grateful and happy that I joined Montfort. I believe that this programme is very suitable for youths like me. I hope more youths will join Montfort programme so as to become better and more responsible persons.

I am happy to inform you all that I have successfully gained employment in a major international company based in Shah Alam. Now, I can fully put into practice all that I have learnt from Montfort.

Lastly, I wish to thank Bro. Francis Chua, our Brother Director, the Brothers of Saint Gabriel, Staff, Board of Governors, Benefactors, my fellow trainees and most of all, my family for their love, care and concern. I will speak a few words in Chinese so that my parents can understand. Thank you.


I am FROM Kampung Long Apu, Miri, Sarawak of Kenyah tribe. We are a small tribe belonging to Orang Ulu group. I am 20 years old and I am the youngest of five siblings. My father works in a timber camp and my mother is a housewife. My father’s salary was not enough to upkeep the family. So, my mother helped out by selling homemade cakes and kuih-muih. During my younger days, I experienced how we moved from one place to another because of my father’s work.

Just to give you some idea, to go to Miri from my village, it takes 9 hours. I have to get a ride to Kiloten Camp to reach Pekan Lapok. From there, I have to take another transport before I can reach Miri. Going back to my village is more difficult. If I arrive there late at Kiloten Camp, I will have to spend the night at the hut near the check point because there is no transport in the night. From the check point, I will hitch another ride on the timber lorry to reach the junction to my village and from that junction, I would need another ride. It is even more difficult when it rains because the road gets muddy. The road is very dangerous because it is a logging road which is only used by big lorries to ferry heavy timber logs. That is why my family seldom go to Miri town to get our food rations.

Going to school was another problem for me. It was very far from my village and therefore, I have to stay at the school hostel as boarder. I only attended Form 1 for a month, then I quit to help my mother. I started to envy my friends who went to school and I decided to study again; so my father sent me to Form 2 the following year. Again, I stopped after some time due to the same reason. My parents then gave up on me due to my irresponsible attitude. But I kept running away from school because I missed my family a lot.

When I turned 16, my uncle decided to get me a job at the timber camp. He became my sponsor because I was still underage. I started working as a Scaler and drawn a salary of RM600.00 per month. That was RM20 per day and I would work 30 days in a month. The job was tough and dangerous. I felt the pay was not enough. I had a lot of time to think at the camp because there was no entertainment to distract me. I told myself that if I continue to stay at the camp, I would not gain anything and have little future.

My aunty whose daughter is a Carmelite Sister in Miri then initiated the idea of going back to school again. The Sisters sponsored my air ticket to come to Kota Kinabalu for Montfort. It was my first time coming out of my village and I felt happy, excited and nervous. It was like a dream come true. I was so touched when my family, uncles, aunts and cousins came to the airport to send me off.

I did not get much information about Montfort before I came here. The Sisters only told me that the Brothers would take care of us and THEY SAID IT IS A GOOD SCHOOL that would teach us English too. I was too excited to ask questions because I only wanted to go back to school. I know how hard it was to work and I want to get a Certificate in order to get a better job. Bro. Stephen Tee and Br. Paulus Tuan fetched us at the Kota Kinabalu airport. I was still trying to digest all that was happening when, at last, I reached Montfort. I am very sure that I saw the statute of Montfort at the front gate when I first arrived when there is none. I guess St. Louis had wanted to welcome me.

I am a very independent and lively person. I have learnt this at the timber camp. It was not really hard for me to adapt because of my interest and determination to succeed in getting my Certificates. I wanted to prove to my parents and those who helped me that I can achieve what I came for. I learnt a lot at Montfort. I received my Level 1 and 2 Certificates in Metal Fabrication. I obtained my Green Card from CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia), 6G training at The Welding Institute (TWI).

In character formation, I improved in my respect for others and to be responsible in my duty. I also learnt how to uphold safety as the most important aspect in industrial skill training. Our faith formation nurtured me to be strong in my faith and taught me to pray always. My senior, Joudin Kilan, had taught me to be focused, determined and strong willed to reach my goal. Although there have been times when I missed home and my family, I prayed for strength to go on.

I witnessed the changes and transformation of my friends from being childish to become matured, disciplined and responsible people. I experienced the improvement in my own confidence, in my welding skills, and also to become ever more independent in the things I need to do. My advice to my friends is IN ORDER TO SUCCEED, YOU NEED TO WORK HARD. NOTHING IS EASY. SUCCESS COMES FROM HARD WORK.

For all these, I wish to thank, first and foremost, Brother Director, Bro. Francis Chua and the Brothers of Saint Gabriel, for being our big brothers and caring for us. To our Board of Governors, Benefactors for your kind and generous financial support; to my fellow trainees and not forgetting my family, uncle and aunts, cousins, the Carmelite Sisters in Miri for your prayers, love and concern. Thank you and God bless you all.

St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort Feast Day Celebration – 22 to 28 April 2013

To commemorate the feast day of the Institution’s Founder, St. Louis Marie de Montfort which falls on 28 April 2013, the Campus spearheaded by General Studies Department lined up numerous activities. These activities offered an education on the life of the Founder for the Trainees and Students. Among the activities include several competitions such as portrait drawing, choral speaking, song composition and singing, drama presentation on Montfort’s life and treasure hunt. The weeklong commemoration climaxed with a Triduum and a liturgical thanksgiving mass on the feast day followed by fellowship dinner among the Brothers, Staff, Trainees and Friends of Montfort. The Triduum delivered by the Brothers of St. Gabriel took on the themes based on Montfort’s writing included Love of Eternal Wisdom, God Alone and Friends of the Cross.

Outdoor Camp – 19 to 21 April 2013

The Trainees went to Kampung Kaiduan which is just around the corner of MYTC campus for a 2-night 3-day camp, accompanied by the Students Affairs Staff and Staff from other Departments. The camp aimed to build up house spirit among the Trainees as well as to enhance survivor skills while several games were organised to promote teambuilding and problem solving skills. As the camp was situated by the river, the Trainees had a terrific time swimming in the clear cooling running water of Sungai Kaiduan, and an opportunity to catch fresh water fish for their meals!

Visit by Berjaya Corporation Berhad – 11 April 2013

Berjaya Corporate Berhad, represented by Ms. Judy Tan, (Senior General Manager) and Ms. Shirley Quah, (Senior Manager) of Group Investor Relations/Corporation Communications paid a courtesy visit to MYTC as part of their effort to understand firsthand the mission and approaches of the charities the Corporation supported.

Berjaya first supported MYTC in 2007 with the donation of RM100,000 toward the building of Kinarut Campus. The second the Corporation supported the mission is through its Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR under the flagship of Berjaya Care Foundation by sponsoring one unit of 15-seater passenger van and renovation cost of San Damiano Boys Hostel in Kiulu.

The visitors were given a traditional Borneo welcome dance at the Residential Campus before taking a educative tour to the Skill Development Campus and San Damiano Boys Hostel.

Holy Week 2013 – 24 to 31 March 2013

Together with the universal church, the Brothers, Staff and Trainees observed the most solemn week of the liturgical year animated by Fr. Ben Mackenna, a Dominician priest from Ireland based in Hong Kong. The highlight of the week was at Easter Vigil where nine Trainees were received into the Church with the sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. The Campus celebrated the glorious resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday with Easter BBQ day with the fishes they had earlier harvested from the ponds of Mr. Stephen Vun, a dear Friend of Montfort.

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Final Examination – 19 to 20 March 2013

This year SKM Final Examination saw four Trainees achieving their Terampil Cemarlang (Distinction) in their Level II Examination. They are Rayner Ritchie from Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanics (Domestic); Russell Patrin, Fred Gunkok and Teodorus Tav Hermamus, all from Motor Mechanics Department. Congratulation to the achievers!

Prefects’ Training Camp – 14 to 17 March 2013

Forty-four Junior Trainees went for 4 day-3 night leadership training camp at BSG Mt Kokol Retreat Centre in preparation to take over the student leadership as Prefects and In-charges from the Senior Trainees who would graduate in May. Taking after the model of Good Shepherd, the Trainees went through a series of activities that enhanced their spirit of teamwork, sacrifice and cooperation and communication among other leadership skills. The camp ended with a jungle trekking to the waterfall for recreation and bonfire during the night. The jungle trekking had inevitably provided a golden opportunity and a valuable lesson of supporting a fallen team member when one of their fellow participants suffered a serious leg cramp resulting in real-life emergency evacuation. After the training camp, twenty eight of them were selected as the new Prefectorial Board while the rest took up various leaderships as In-charges.

Mount Kinabalu Climb 2013 – 11 to 13 March 2013

A group of eighteen trainees from Kinarut Campus and five students from San Damiano Boys Hostel accompanied by two staff climbed the Mount Kinabalu as part of their character formation programme. Joining them in the expedition are the four volunteers from Project Trust, UK. The contingency successfully scaled the mountain peak within four hours of their ascent to witness the magnificent sun rise at Low’s Peak. The experience had left a deep impact and a sense of achievement as they had all struggled with determination to reach the peak despite their tiredness and fatigue.

Batch 15 Interview Week – 25 to 28 February 2013

A total of 120 applicants were invited to the interviews for the 2013 intake. Applicants came from all over Sabah made their way to the campus for the period of four days. 80 successful applicants from the interview will be admitted into MYTC for two years’ training programme in skill development and character formation on 15 June 2013. Four courses are in the offing for the new batch – Motor Mechanics, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanics (Domestic), Shielded Metal Arc Welding and Senior Furniture Maker.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2013 – 24 February 2013

This year’s celebration was held on the Chap Goh Mei itself with a thanksgiving mass followed by fellowship dinner among the Brothers, Staff, Trainees, Friends of Montfort and neighbours at the Centre’s campus in Kinarut. The Open Hall was suitably decorated to give a festive atmosphere while the handiwork of the Trainees in the form of lanterns hung above.
A troupe of 10 colourful lions led by the Penampang Lion Troupe Youth lent further ambience to the festive mood with their daring pole climbing feat and other dance routines. The Trainees then provided an evening programme rendering their songs and dances to provide a light entertainment for the guests. The celebration was doubly joyful with the presence of the Staff and Boarders from San Damiano Boys Hostel, Kiulu.

EC and Coordinators Retreat – 11 to 12 January 2013

This is an annual retreat for the Management and Coordinators to review the previous year in order to chart the direction for the incoming year. Based on the 31 General Chapter of the Brothers of St. Gabriel’s theme of Authentic Leadership, the retreat took on the model of Good Shepherd as its role model for leadership. Bro. Francis Chua also led the retreatants to reflect on the qualities of the Good Samaritan and Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador. During the retreat, the retreatants were taken back on a journey to review MYTC’s history from the humble beginning at Donggongon, so that they can appreciate the progress MYTC has made over the years of history.

The EC/Coordinators Retreat was followed by Staff Recollection on 5 to 7 February 2013 at the Campus.

Annual Staff Appreciation Night – December 2012

Once a year, the Brothers and the Management invited the staff to a dinner to show appreciation and thanksgiving to the staff for journeying with the Brothers and Management for the Youth entrusted to the Institution. Last year saw Mr. Joseph Rumi @ Swee Hock completing his 5 year of service with the Institution. During the dinner, the staff took to the floor bringing Christmas cheers with carols.

Handover Ceremony of Van at San Damiano Boys Hostel (Kiulu), 20 November 2012

Japanese Government continues to support our educative mission through the grant assistance under its Grassroots Human Security programme, by granting a total of RM93,630 for the purchase of 14-seater passenger van to be used for San Damiano Boys Hostel in Kiulu. The van was handed over by Sabah Chief Consul, Mr. Hirofumi Morikawa into our care on 20 November 2012.

Assumption English School (AES) Singapore Visit, 13 – 17 November 2012
Fifteen students from Assumption English School, Singapore accompanied by their teachers visited MYTC. Their goal was to experience the rich heritage of MYTC and Sabah’s nature. The students and their teachers joined in the Trainees’ programme that included jungle trekking, tele-match, morning exercise, roll call, house cooking and compound cleaning. The visit culminated with the Cultural Night held on 15th November 2012 whereby both students from MYTC and AES presented their performances. The visitors graciously took part in the Sumazau and Magunatip dances.

For their exploration of Sabah’s nature, the visitors visited Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association to familiar themselves with the traditional houses, food and dances of Sabah. In addition, they visited the Klias Wetlands in Beaufort where they saw the proboscis monkeys and fireflies, and later Poring to experience the natural hot springs and the canopy walk.

For them, it was a trip truly inspiring and challenging as well. They learnt to be disciplined with their time; they built up their confidence through jungle trekking; and most of all, they learnt how to take care of each other as a family.

AES Singapore Visit

Deepavali Celebration, 13 November 2012
We celebrated the Festival of Light, Deepavali, for the first time at the Campus completed with beautifully decorated kolam. For most of the Trainees, this is the first time they celebrated the festival. Mr. Doraisamy, our Technical Advisor together with his family prepared the dinner completed with traditional cookies and cinnamon teh tarik! Joining in the festive celebration were our visitors from Singapore and the trainees from INTAN.

Deepavali Celebration

INTAN Attachment with MYTC
For the week in November, we received four DPA trainees from various government ministries who were on their Community Social Responsibility attachment. The weeklong attachment was part of the Diploma of Public Management (DPA) course for Administrative and Diplomatic Officers with the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN). They are Bong Chow Liang (Ministry of Home Affairs), Emildah binti Sabin (Ministry of Education), Pahri bin Mustaring (Ministry of Finance) and Shazana binti Mokhtar (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). They spent the week observing and participating in the Trainees’ programme. In addition, they had a 2-hour session with the Trainees to get to know the Trainees on the personal level. They had a positive experience, and were so impressed and motivated that they made a personal contribution to the Institution by donating fruit trees and vegetable seeds.


All Souls’ Commemoration
We marked the month of November with prayers in remembrance of our departed loved ones, Friends and Benefactors of Montfort. On the 2 of November 2012, we held a prayer services in their honour.

Month of Holy Rosary
Together with the universal Church, we marked the month of October with recitation of the Holy Rosary at the Grotto in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes. The month ended with a celebration of Triduum focusing on Faith, Hope and Charity linking to Blessed Virgin Mary with St. Louis de Montfort before concluding with candle light procession and recitation of Holy Rosary around the campus.

Kuala Penyu Outdoor Camping
The Trainees together with the Staff from Kinarut Campus and San Damiano Boys Hostel, Kiulu came together for an outdoor camp at Kuala Penyu from 25 to 27 October 2012. The aim of the camp is to cultivate team spirit among the Trainees and to promote bonding between the Trainees and their Instructors. The secondary aim is to raise awareness for the conservation of water as the water is rather scarce at the camp.

The Trainees together with the Brothers and Staff thoroughly enjoyed the camp despite the downpour of rains that put a damper on the evening programme.

Kuala Penyu Camping

MYTC Open House Carnival 2012

On 7th October 2012, we opened our doors to the public for the annual Open House Carnival. The atmosphere at the campus was in festive mood days before the Carnival, as volunteers prepared the ground to make the Day a memorable outing for our visitors. The day started as early as 3am. By 6am, the campus was a hive of activities with stall-holders setting up their stalls in anticipation of the crowd. To complete the mood, Chris Gomez, or better known as Sabah’s Elvis Presley together with the Shadow Gee were on hand to entertain the crowd with golden oldies from the 50s up to 70s.

MYTC Open House Carnival

Project Trust Volunteers
Four volunteers from United Kingdom arrived on the 1 of September 2012 to begin their year-long services with us under Project Trust programme. The volunteers, Barney Nescus, Jason Lattimer, Hugo Drummond and John Haswell give their services as English tutors and in sports and recreation under Students Affairs. Barney & Jason are based in Kinarut campus while Hugo and John are located in Kiulu with the San Damiano Boys Hostel. The main objective of their services is to enhance English speaking proficiency among the Trainees and Students in the campus.

Ayam Brand’s Community Care Campaign 2012, 4 July 2012
The Ayam Brand hosted their annual Community Care Campaign 2012 at our Campus on 4 July 2012. Along with our Trainees, children and youth from other homes such as PusatKebajikan Care Haven Bhd, RumahKanak-kanak Kota Kinabalu and YayasanKebajikanSuria were invited to display their culinary skills under the Ayam Brand’s Regional Cooking Competition. Our Trainees, Harvey Marius from Motor Vehicles Mechanics Department and Edward Rayner from Welding Department represented Montfort Youth Training Centre at the Competition.

MRSM Exchange Programme, 1 July 2012
A total of 130 students from our neighbouring MaktabRendahSains Mara (MRSM) came for half a day exposure programme conducted by Bro. Joseph Philip.

5th Blessing Anniversary of St. Paul’s Chapel on-the-hill and Kaamatan Thanksgiving Celebration 2012, 30 June 2012
This year’s occasion was celebrated with the Kaamatan Thanksgiving Celebration which was organised by the MYTC Staff Club on 30 June 2012. The occasion was graced by Datuk Victor &Datin Agnes Paul who had generously built the chapel for MYTC. Other guests included the Chairman of Board of Governors, Tan Sri Datuk Bernard Dompok;a member of Board of Governors, Datuk Margaret Fung;Datuk Bro. Charles o’Leary, a La Salle Brother;Datuk Aloysius Tan, Datin Peggy Tan and family; staff of TimatchSdnBhdand friends of Montfort.

After a solemn celebration of Eucharist, the guests, Brothers, Staff and Trainees proceeded to the Open Hall for a simple banquet dinner.With the theme of Kaamatan Thanksgiving, the staff and trainees gallantly took to the stage and presented performances such as Ngajat, Sumazau and Mungatip dances, and songs, to provide the evening entertainment.

Visit of Consul Office of Japan, Kota Kinabalu to San Damiano Boys Hostel, 29 June 2012

On 29 June 2012, San Damiano Boys Hostel received Mr.Yoshimitsu Kawamoto who is the Vice Consul in the Consul Office of Japan, Kota Kinabalu. He made the study visit in conjunction of our application for Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects in procurement of a 15-seater van for our school-going Youth at the Hostel.

Bishops’ Visit, 27 June 2012
Five bishops from Singapore (Archbishop Nicholas Chia), Johor-Melaka (Emeritus Bishop James Chan), Kuching (Archbishop John Ha and Sibu(Bishop Joseph Hii and Emeritus Bishop Dominic Su) accompanied by Coadjutor Bishop of KK (Bishop John Wong) and a couple of laity (Peter & Agatha Yap) from Kuching paid a courtesy visit to MYTC on 27 June 2012. A simple welcoming ceremony was held in their honour. The visitors were greeted by lion dancers upon arrival and were accompanied to their seats by warrior dancers. The bishops later visited the Skill Development Campus to understand the set-up of our skill training programme. This was followed by a briefing on MYTC before adjourning for lunch.

Annual Charity Golf Tournament 2012, 23 June 2012
This year’s Charity Golf Tournament was held on 23 June 2012 at Sabah Golf and Country Club. It was an overwhelming success with final registration of flights exceeding the target, bringing in the net proceeds of over half a million ringgit. The fund raised from this event will go towards the training of the Trainees and upkeep of campus infrastructure.

Visiting Priests from China, 19 June 2012

A total of 10 priests from China accompanied by Felix and Doreen Poh (friends of Montfort) paid a visit to our Centre on 19 June 2012 on a study tour to gain closer look at our educative mission to the Youth. They were greatly impressed with the aim and objectives of the Centre as well as the set-up.
They left hoping that one day they may establish similar set-up for their own youth in China.

Admission 2012, 23 June 2012
A total of 80 new trainees were received on 23 June and 14 July 2012. This is the 14 Batch of MYTC. The trainees came from Sabah and Sarawak to take up the four courses offered by MYTC – Motor Mechanics, Welding, Carpentry and Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Mechanics Domestic.

Immediately after the admission is over, the new Trainees were taken through a series of activities such as ice-breaking sessions and familiarisation induct them into the Montfort Programme.

Evaluation Retreat 2012, 11 – 13 June 2012

A total of 60 Batch 13 Trainees went for the annual Evaluation Retreat at Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre after their first year break from 11 – 13 June 2012. The 3 day-2 night retreat aimed to prepare the Trainees to receive new Trainees and to assume the roles of being Seniors to the incoming Juniors. The retreat ended with a performance review according to workshop to assess their strengths and weaknesses as well to identify solutions for their weaknesses.

Parents/Teachers Day, 8 June 2012
MYTC inaugurated the Parents/Teachers Day on 9 June 2012 with the aim to enhance cooperation between the Instructors/Teachers and parents/guardians for the overall wellbeing and growth of Trainees. Almost all parents and guardians came to meet and discuss their sons’ and wards’ progress with Brother Director, Bro. Francis Chua, Instructors and Teachers.

Graduation Day 2012, 25 May 2012
A total of 45 trainees graduated with flying colours from MYTC on 26 May 2012. Throngs of parents and family members came to witness the proud achievement of their sons and brothers. Of the 45 graduates, 15 were from Motor Mechanics, 16 from Welding and 14 from Carpentry.

MC Carnival 2012, 1 May 2012
The MC Carnival for 2012 kicked off with a jungle trekking with participation from the Brothers, Staff and Trainees. After a brief reprise for breakfast, the Trainees regrouped for the Obstacle Race which comprised 13 stations. These stations were designed to test the Trainees in strategic planning, sacrifice and teamwork. The festive day ended with MC Carnival whereby the Trainees for the last time used their hard-earned MC points to redeem for food and other attractive stuff.

Chap Goh Mei 2012

MYTC marked the new year of the dragon with celebration of Chap Goh Mei on 5 February 2012. A team of 10 lions from Penampang Lion Troupe Youth Club led by a member of our Staff from Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanics Workshop escorted Brother Director, Bro. Francis Chua and the guests to the Open Hall where the dinner was held. The celebration was earlier started with the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration and the blessing of the oranges by Fr. Isidore Gilbert. The blessed oranges were distributed to the Trainees and to all who attended the Mass.

Christmas Caroling
MYTC Carolers brought cheers and message of Hope, Peace and Charity to the homes of close friends and benefactors of MYTC as well as our neighbours in Kinarut.In addition, the combined team of boys and girls carolers joined the annual Gaya Christmas Street Caroling on 13 December 2011

Girls' Batch 6 Graduation 2011
A total of 18 girls successfully completed their SijilKemahiran Malaysia Level 1 & 2 within 18 months. They graduated in the midst of their proud families and Instructors on 10 December 2012. YBhg.Datin Mary Yong, wife of YB Datuk Edward Yong, Assistant Minister of Local Government & Housing officiated the graduation ceremony. Nearly all of them were immediately employed after their graduation in and around Kota Kinabalu.

Sponsorship of Engines by Consul General of Japan
The Embassy of Japan through the recommendation of Consulate-General of Japan in Kota Kinabalu sponsored six half-cut fuel injection engines to our Motor Mechanics Workshop for our Trainees. A simple signing ceremony was held at Kinarut Skill Development Campus for the handing over of RM29,000.00.

Outbound School GotongRoyong
On 28 November 2011, the Trainees went to clean up the beach and surroundings at the Outbound School (OBS) Kinarut in response to their call for assistance. At the end of the outing, the OBS Instructors led the Trainees through a series of team-building activities.

Montfortian Exposure/Exchange Programmes
In November, MYTC received a group of students, teachers and volunteers from Assumption Pathway School from Singapore for a week-long exchange programme.
part of the community project, the group built a hair saloon for MYTC. Also included in the programme is a Cultural Night and MYTC Annual Obstacle Course.

Mount Kinabalu Climb
A team of prefects succeeded in conquering Mount Kinabalu Climb in November 2011 despite the strong and cold wind. It was an uplifting and challenging experience for them. All their training in Montfort was summoned to the fullest as they faced the weather and the terrain of the mount to reach Low's Peak.

SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin

In November, a group of students from SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Penampang led by their teachers came to experience two-day of practical on welding and carpentry for their school extra-curriculum activities. Besides the practical experience, they were also given talks by Bro. Francis on the mission and vision of MYTC. The students left very impressed with some of them expressing their interest to continue their further education with MYTC.

Graduation 2011

A total of 61 Trainees comprising of 11 girls and 50 boys graduated on 28 May 2011 after completing 2-year training with us. A total of 12 Trainees successfully obtained their TampailCemerlang from their SijilKemahiran Malaysia examination. Nearly 90% of them are gainfully employed in Sabah and Peninsula Malaysia.

Photos of Graduation

Evaluation Camp
A full batch of 58 first year Trainees returned as Senior to resume their second year training programme at MYTC. As part of their residential care programme, an Evaluation Camp was held from 13 to 15 June 2011 for them to review and assess their first year programme, ad to re-orientate themselves to the objectives of MYTC programme. The Camp was a success with all the Trainees re-pledging their commitment to MYTC programmes and their objectives.

Photos of Evaluation Camp

2011/2012 Intake Admission Day
A total of 84 new intakes were admitted and had successfully completed their first term of training in four (4) trade skills of Automotive Mechanics, Carpentry, Refrigeration and Aircond Maintenance (Domestice), and Welding. The current number of Trainees in residence is 206 youths in Kinarut, Donggongon and Kiulu Campuses.

Open House Bazaar 2011
The Bazaar held on 28 August 2011 was a resounding success with people from every walk of life enjoying their Sunday mingling amidst the Trainees and Staff at the Kinarut Campus. A total of 59 stall comprising of food, games and MYTC’s own hand-crafted products were set up to cater to our visitors.

Photos of Bazaar

Lions Club of KK City Visit

On the 18 September 2011, Lions Club of KK City organized a visit to our residential campus at Kinarut. In conjunction with their visit, they also organized a free vision screening for our Trainees and planted fruit trees as part of their environmental conservation programme.

Photos of Lions Club

Visit from Assistant General, Brothers of St. Gabriel
Assistant General of Brothers of St. Gabriel from Rome, Bro. Georges La Vern came and visited MYTC on 21 and 22 September 2011 in his round of visitation to Malaysia.

On 21 September 2011, he visited our Rural Youth Development Programme in San Damiano Hostel in Kiulu, while on 22 September 2011, our Trainees in Kinarut Campus made a roaring welcome into our midst.

Upcoming Events
5 – 12 November 2011
A team from Assumption Pathways School, Singapore will be visiting Sabah and MYTC as part of their Community Initiative Programme (CIP). Part of this programme involves participative integration exchange with our Trainees that include a joint project work and cultural night.

Extracted From Daily Express (Friday, 15 July 2011)

MYTC to continue fund drive with a carnival on Aug 28

The Montfort Youth Training Centre (MYTC) needs every help to run the centre and cover its operational cost of RM2 million a year in order to help underprivileged youth acquire vocational and trade skills for free.

After the successful Fifth Montfort Charity Golf Tournament organized by its Board member Willie Wong that raised about RM500,000 last month, the MYTC has now moved on to its next fundraising activity – MYTC Open House Food and Fun Fair Carnival on Aug 28.

The biennial carnival would be held at the centre, located along the Penampang-Papar road in Kinaru, from 8.00 am to 2.30 pm, said organizing chairperson Datuk Margaret Fung.

Speaking to reporters at a ceremony to hand over donations from Mega Sunwise Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Datuk Susan Wong Siew Guen, and Gunung Ramai Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Willie Wong, at Mega Sunwise showroom in Centre Point here, Thursday, Datuk Margaret said apart from operating the centre in Kinarut, the MYTC was also taking care of the San Damiano Boys Hostel in Kiulu under its Rural Youth Development Programme.

The Government is also assisting the centre by subsidizing about RM8 per day for the trainees’ meal, but the amount was insufficient to cover the administration cost, lodging and others since the training for the boys and girls are free of charge.

Datuk Margaret said among the objectives of the Open House and Carnival was to create awareness among the general public on the role, contributions and functions of MYTC. There would be 35 stalls selling variety of food and items. The MYTC trainees have also been busy designing and producing attractive items from their welding, furniture-making and dressmaking workshops for display and for sale.

“The funds raised from this carnival will go towards sustaining the technical skills training and residential and rural hostel care for needy youths,” she said, adding that through its programme, the MYTC also provides character formation and teaching of good values to equip youths for gainful employment and good citizenship.

Currently, 156 youth age between 16 and 19 are under going one of MYTC’s two-year technical courses in Motor Mechanic, Welding, Furniture-Making or Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (Domestic) and Dressmaking for girls.

“We would like to invite the public to visit Montfort Youth Training Centre on August 28 to have an enjoyable time with us and at the same time know that you will be supporting MYTC for the worthwhile and noble work that they are doing for the needy youth in our society,” said Datuk Margaret….

Also on hand were MYTC Director, Bro Francis Chua, Board members and Mega Sunwise senior officers.

Mr Willie Wong, Bro Francis Chua, Datuk Margaret Fung, Datuk Susan Wong, Miss Alice

Datuk Susan Wong, Bro Francis Chua, Mr Willie Wong, Datuk Margaret Fung, Miss Alice


A recent visit by His Honourable Mr Yoshimitsu Kawamoto, Vice-Consul of Consulate-General of Japan.

Mr Yoshimitsu Kawamoto with Bro Francis Chua at the Hostel.

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