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How can I sponsor a Youth?


As an Individual, a Corporate Body, or a Public Entity, you can join us in our Montfort Educative Mission as Partners to provide residential care and skills training by sponsoring Youth-in-Need who had been accepted as trainees into Montfort Youth Training Centre. The following sponsorship schemes are some ways in which you can be involved:


Types of sponsorship Amount (RM)

• Monthly sponsorship RM 1,000 per Youth

• Quarterly year sponsorship RM 3,000 per Youth

• Half yearly sponsorship RM 6,000 per Youth

• Annual sponsorship RM 12,000 per Youth

• Two years sponsorship RM 24,000 per Youth

• Variable sponsorship up to donor’s discretion


The training programme is for two years. You may arrange to remit your donations on an annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly basis. All donations received will be issued with our official receipts. All cash donation is Tax Exempted under Section 44(6) of Income Tax Act 1967, Ref.: LHDN.01/35/42.51/179-6.4924 Warta Kerajaan No. 5879 dated 8th May 2003.


This sponsorship scheme creates an avenue for you to work in partnership with Montfort Youth Training Centre in contributing towards the development of the less privileged youth of our society into skilled workers for gainful employment and be upright citizens for the Nation.


Bank Account Details

Donors may also credit directly into our bank account at ALLIANCE BANK (Account Number 101 2300 1001 8719).



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