Training Programmes

Duration and Certification

The programme is for a duration of two years. The Trainees are expected to stay throughout the two years with semester breaks, as it is a full residential programme. At the end of two years and upon successful completion, the Trainees are awarded with Montfort Youth Training Centre(MYTC) certificate together with Level II & III certificates.




General Studies

MYTC’s curriculum includes General Studies besides their Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) curriculum. The Trainees are required to attend all classes. All lessons are conducted in English. Trainees will sit for an entrance examination to asses the capability in the department they have applied. The Trainees are taught how to speak, listen and write in English as well as basic computer skill and arithmetic. For those who came in with very little basic knowledge of English, special dedicated staff will teach them Jolly Phonics and to equip them to catch up with the rest of the class




Technical Skills

MYTC is accredited to Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (Department of Skills Development). The courses offered are –


    Under this course, the Trainees are taught how to carry out general servicing, maintenance and repair of petrol and diesel engines. They also learn to detect and solve faults in various systems and components of a motor vehicle.


    Our Automotive Mechanics Workshop is also set up to provide real industrial hands- on experiences whereby the Trainees can participate in the apprenticeship of repairing vehicles from customers under the supervision of Workshop Coordinators and Instructors.

motor vehicle mechanics


    Trainees are taught to

    • Read technical drawings

    • Fabricate and join tubings

    • Join and fabricate metal works

    • Install components of refrigerators and air-conditioning units

    • Service electrical and electronic systems

    • Troubleshoot and repair refrigerators

    • Troubleshoot and repair air-conditioning units

refrigeration & air-conditioning mechanics


    Trainees are taught to

    • Interpret welding drawings and instructions

    • Layout work material

    • Cut materials using gas cutting, disc cutter and power saw

    • Prepare joints

    • Fits and track work piece before welding

    • Set up shield metal arc welding (SMAW) equipment and accessories

    • Perform welding on plates of thickness ranging between 6mm to 9mm, and pipes of nominal size ranging between

       10cm to 15cm, in 1G up to 6G position

    • Carry out mechanical test on welded specimens

    • Inspect welded joints visually using inspection kit

shielded metal arc welding


    Trainees are taught to

    • Sketch in various perspectives

    • Producing product drawing and specification

    • Interpreting working drawing using measuring tools, instrument and equipment

    • Identifying and select adhesive/glue

    • Identifying various species of wood

    • Fabricating furniture framework

    • Performing furniture assembly and finishing work

    • Maintaining tools and equipment

furniture making


    Trainees are taught on

    • Basic Knowledge of Oil Palm

    • Oil Palm Nursery Operation Supervision

    • Oil Palm Planting and Replanting Operations

    • Oil Palm Field Upkeep and Maintenance

    • Oil Palm Manuring (Fertilisation)

    • Oil Palm Harvesting and Collection Operations

    • Oil Palm Field Operation Administration and Reporting

    • Oil Palm Production Operation and Quality Control

    • Oil Palm Mechanisation Application Supervision

    • Occupational Safety and Health & Sustainability Aspects

    • Basic Motor Vehicle Mechanics

    • Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welding

oil palm plantation conductorship

Montfort Youth Training Centre

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